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We’ve been best friends forever darling… that’s what’s up

I don’t have much to say today… I have a crazy (hilarious in retrospect) story to report next week but it’s Friday and I just can’t today.


I know I’m super behind the hype, but I only recently jumped on Lennon and Maisy’s YouTube Page, and let me tell you – I am now obsessively hooked. Holy smokes! They’re so talented and adorable (Lennon’s only a few years younger than me so I don’t know that it’s really appropriate for me to refer to her as “adorable” but nevertheless…). I love the way they look at each other, such sweet sibling love.

This has become my new favorite, as I’ve watched it like 10 times this week. Check it out and have an awesome Valentine’s Weekend.

Quick thoughts

Good morning Spider.

So it’s Friday. It’s been a long week, even though technically a short week. Yesterday I slept through my alarm and had to use dry-shampoo for the second *cough*third*cough* day in a row to make it to work on time.

This morning, I woke up from a sleep so hard that the pillow had left creases on my face and my makeup wouldn’t lay quite right. I threw my head back in a, “God, please help me get through this day” prayer when I saw it. A red and black spider about the size of a nickle…

So, basically… I just killed a spider (#missindependent) that was crawling around on my bathroom ceiling and it almost fell into my (kind of screaming) mouth. Some might consider this a bad start to the day but the typical story-of-my-life would have been if it HAD fallen into my mouth… so really, I started the day with a win! I hope that the same is true for you, maybe minus the spider.

**Disclaimer for all of my beautiful hippie friends- I used to let these spiders live… I don’t know if it was out of some all-things-are-created-equal-compassion or because I was too terrified of them to get close enough to kill them. But then I read that article about how we swallow, what, like, 13 spiders in our sleep every year and I was like “oh hayyyyll no” about letting them roam free in my apartment to one day crawl down my throat. Sowwy.