Quick thoughts

Adult compromises…

I am exhausted lately. I don’t know why – it’s not that I’m “going hard” or anything. Just tired. So. So. Tired.

I had two meetings last night one with the Massey Alliance (if you’re in Richmond, we’re planning a Giant Richmond Brunch to benefit the Massey Cancer Center, and it’s going to be awesome so mark your calendars!) and the other with a small group at my church– which I actually didn’t make it to (it was raining and I was going to be so late!).

I moseyed back into my apartment thinking I could go for a little relax and my brain flip-flopped between turning on a yoga video and walking around the corner to grab a drink. I was slumped in my grandpa’s old recliner going back and forth, back and forth when I decided on a compromise:



and sat cross-legged on my yoga mat drinking wine.

It was a glorious evening and I was in bed by 9.

I’ve got to find some energy and motivation soon or it’s going to be another one of those summers.

Haha… but seriously.

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